Laika's extendable data fetching and analytics processing engine is built to do all of the hard work for you, saving you time and ensuring data quality and accuracy. The dashboard front-end is built to compliment the back-end engine and designed to give your team quick insights into the statistics they care about most.

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Interactive dashboard

Screenshot showing a sample chart from Laika's dashboard

Web analytics platforms like Google Analytics offer extremely powerful features, but the sheer amount of options can be easily intimidating to novice or casual users. With Laika, you can customize just the right amount of detail for your team to get the insights they need. Users can quickly and confidently browse the interactive dashboards. It's likely that the only training your team will need to get started with Laika is learning what the dashboard URL is.

Auto-generated report pages

For simple reports, like showing data for a given metric across all of your web properties, Laika automatically generates report pages. For most reports, you won't need to do any customization at all.

Customizable report pages

Laika makes it straightforward to create custom report pages. Just use some simple HTML and CSS, and off you go. You can even make report pages that have more than one chart, from any measurement item. Custom report pages are stored in the filesystem, where they can be version-controlled.

Tabular and CSV exports

Power users are welcome! Underneath every chart is a table of all data points in the chart, as well as a plain-text representation of the chart's data set that can be easily copy-and-pasted into a TXT file to create a custom CSV on the spot.

Easily editable menu

Laika's robust, database-driven menu system allows items to be grouped logically so your team can find the data they are looking for easily.

Adjustable date ranges

Refine your focus by adjusting how far you look back. Quickly change between 3 - 36 months with an easy-to-use selector.


Laika was built on Bootstrap and designed to look good on any device. Try browsing to Laika on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Automated data fetching and processing engine

The true power of Laika is a script that fetches all of the data from Google Analytics on your behalf. Whether it's one site or dozens, ten measurements per site or a hundred, Laika has you covered.

Screenshot showing Laika's command-line script fetching data from Google Analytics

Multi-site, multi-operation data fetching

Most of us need to track statistics for several sites, and for each site we want to know perhaps dozens of measurements. Laika was born and bred for just this purpose, and will patiently and iteratively fetch all of the required data from each site profile. You can define data lookup items that apply to all sites, or specify certain items to only be looked up for particular sites.

Multi-tenant by design

Laika stores fetched data in a separate database for each tenant, while credential files and custom report layouts are stored in separate folders. A single Laika installation can support hundreds of reporting tenants.

Data processing operations

Laika can perform on-the-fly calculations for data in the current reporting period as it is being fetched from the source. Need to find a ratio of two items? Need to find the sum of several items? Simply supply the calculation directly to Laika and the data will be proceesed on your behalf.

Complex and nested data

Laika can fetch data for simple statistics, like "number of pageviews", but equally important is the ability to fetch data across multiple domains, like "number of site visits by a user-defined list of countries," or "ratio of goal completions per total visits." All of these operations are supported out-of-the-box, and Laika comes configured with sample data and instructions to get you started using these complex queries immediately.

Lightweight on resources

Laika is fully capable of running on even the most modest servers. A simple LAMP stack server is all that's required to host Laika on your internal network. Fetch operations would typically be queued to run once at the beginning of a reporting period. Even with a complex series of data requests over several sites, most data fetch operations will be done in just a few minutes.

Helpful logging and error handling

Wherever possible, Laika will produce verbose logs and error messages to help you diagnose issues with your environment. An optional debug flag can be passed to Laika to provide even more monitoring output.

Track anything

While you probably can't fetch Google Analytics data for competitor sites, it's possible to add a list of placeholder or "ghost" sites. This allows you to create profiles for competitor sites and then manually enter data about their performance using data you've obtained through third-party tools or services, or simply through manual observation during the reporting period.

Ad-hoc data storage

Even if you can't automatically fetch data for a given measurement item, you can manually enter data points each month using phpMyAdmin. Simply set up the placeholder data items and Laika will skip right over them, allowing you to enter data manually when you're ready.

Easy on your API

To help ensure you don't overload your API quotas, Laika has a built-in API request throttle. The delay is user-adjustable, if you care to tinker with it.

Cold storage

Once the data is fetched and processed, it sits in a cold-storage state and never needs to be processed again. Dashboard lookup operations are easily cacheable and should present very little stress on a server, even with many concurrent users.