A screenshot showing Laika's dashboard, which includes: navigation menu, a data chart, and a data table.

Laika is the easiest way to share website analytics data with your entire organization.

Laika fetches web analytics data for you and outputs interactive, customizable dashboards accessible to anyone in your company.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but it can be intimidating for users who only need to periodically see general, high-level web stats. Since Google Analytics requires each user their own account even for simple read-only access, it's difficult to deploy in large organizations. And the training required to familiarize someone with Google Analytics can be extensive, especially for staff who only need to review data every now and then.

To make web analytics more accessible, teams will typically appoint someone to regularly copy data from Google Analytics into Excel, and then circulate that file as a monthly report. Unfortunately, this presents a number of new issues: it's a burdensome task, the file becomes quickly out-of date, and —most importantly— the manual process of copying data can introduce typos or errors.

Typical challenges associated with sharing web analytics:

  • Burdensome copy-and-pasting of data
  • Stale Excel files
  • Hunting for data in email attachments
  • Typos and incorrect data
  • User access management
  • Complicated analytics software

Laika solves all of these problems

Automated data retrieval engine

Laika's back-end features an automated fetching engine that retrieves data from Google Analytics and other sources for you. This process eliminates transcription errors, ensures data accuracy, reduces reporting time, and allows your team to focus on more valuable tasks.

Data is stored in a simple MariaDB or MySQL database, allowing great flexibility and control over your data. Data can be retrieved from multiple sources, and even allows for manual entry for ad-hoc reporting data.

Intuitive dashboards

Laika's front-end dashboards are accessible to anyone in your company at any time. They distill the most important data and present it simply for technical and non-technical users alike. There's no need to grant individual users access, and no complicated instructions or steep learning curves to scare casual users off.

Simply send out the link to Laika's dashboard and your team will be able to gain insights into the performance of your web properties like never before.

Laika is:


Laika fetches the latest figures from Google Analytics for you using a simple cronjob. Save time, reduce stress, and ensure perfect accuracy.


Fetch only the data you need. Display only the items you want. Build the perfect targeted reports for your organization.


Stop sending out-dated spreadsheets to coworkers. With only one URL to remember, everyone on the team will always have access to the latest stats.


Laika's dashboard is read-only, so there's no chance of "accidents" happening to either the dashboard layout or the underlying data.


Laika uses Bootstrap, so it's easy to define dashboard page layouts with some basic HTML and CSS knowledge.


Data is fetched from slow sources and stored in a fast, local database, reducing the time you\'ll spend waiting to see your data.


Laika can be extended to fetch data from other sources. Data can even be added manually for special ad-hoc report items.


Laika is hosted on your own server in an environment that you control. No one else has access to your data.


One Laika install can run many reporting data environments, each with isolated and secure data files.

Integrate Laika with your data sources

Google Analytics

Laika comes with an extensive library of built-in functions to fetch data from Google Analytics.

Any PHP source

Easily extend Laika to fetch data from any source you can access via PHP.

Any manual source

Got a few ad-hoc items to track? No sweat. You can import CSVs or manually enter data using phpMyAdmin.

Free for personal or business use

Just like the tools that provide its foundation, Laika has been released under the open and permissive MIT license.

Laika can be used free of charge, now and forever. Use it personally or at work.

Want to say thanks? Code and documentation contributions are welcome. Or, simply help spread the word about the project!